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This page began as an email I would send to friends when they asked me for some tips for learning about Bitcoin. I decided to make it public here – a triaged curated compilation of Bitcoin information to get yourself started down the rabbit hole. Feedback welcome – either contact me here, or on Twitter DM. This list could be much, much longer. It’s a struggle to keep it short. There’s just so much incredible content to wade through.

Enjoy your transformational journey. I hope you find it as profound of an awakening as I have.

Getting Started

Buying Bitcoin

  • Swan Bitcoin – I’ve studied and used several sites over the years, and have concluded that Swan Bitcoin is the recommended place for buying Bitcoin with USD. They have the lowest fees, a great user interface, and specialize in recurring buys. For large buys, they recently launched Swan Private. Give them a try.
  • Cash App – From Square. Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder and CEO of Square and Twitter is a big Bitcoin supporter. While Bitcoin isn’t their primary business, buying and selling is simple and seamless.


Twitter is where the conversation about #Bitcoin thrives. You’ll find copious amounts of inspiration, wisdom, cleverness and hilarious banter neatly distilled for you on Twitter. Here’s a few to get you started. Give them all a follow:

  • Me – ₿rett with a Bitcoin ₿ – Sometimes clever, always optimistic
  • My wife Sima Morrison – check out who she follows too for her curated list of Bitcoin personalities
  • Jameson Lopp – I find Lopp incredibly pragmatic and insightful. Every Tweet has wisdom behind it. Also check out his own very extensive Bitcoin Resources Guide.
  • Jimmy Song – Jimmy’s a thoughtful and mindful writer and podcaster. He discusses economic policy and history often in his messages. Also, sign up for his weekly newsletter.
  • Brekkie Von Bitcoin – Brekkie is a close friend and colleague and tirelessly brings endless humor and excitement around Bitcoin. His energy is infectious.
  • Parker Lewis – Parker is a prolific writer, wise beyond his years. Give his blog @ Unchained Capital a look too.
  • Russell Okung – The blend of sports and Bitcoin. Russell is an all-pro NFL lineman that loves Bitcoin.
  • Michael Saylor – When you’re ready to learn with unbridled optimism for everything Bitcoin – take a look at his Tweets. They’re as prescient as they are thrilling to imagine.
  • Jeff Berwick – More than just Bitcoin. He considers himself a voluntaryist / anarcho-capitalist and I’ve learned a lot from him.
  • Edward Snowden – A champion for liberty and freedom. One of the bravest humans among us.

Podcasts & Interviews



People that speak against Bitcoin do it for two reasons. One, they don’t understand it. Two, they don’t own any and are vindictive. Let’s keep this list short:

  • Peter Schiff – Obsessed with gold. His gold confirmation bias prohibits him from appreciating anything except for gold.
  • Mark Cuban – The Cubes is bitter he didn’t discover, understand or embrace Bitcoin in its early days. So everything he says about “crypto” and “blockchain not Bitcoin” is coming from personal fear-based ego recovery patterns.

Common Questions

Q: What do you think of Ethereum?
A: It’s a bloated copy of Bitcoin that has numerous advanced and complicated additions. It will not become money. It’s an application platform.

Q: What do you think of XYZ (any) coin?  I heard you can make money on it!  Should I buy it?
A: You can make (and lose) money trading junk bonds and penny stocks too. No thanks. You’ve got the wrong guy. Stop wasting my time.

Q: Can Bitcoin be banned by governments?
A: No. Just like gold, it cannot be banned. They (who is they?) can try, but it won’t work.  Read this ASAP, by the brilliant Parker Lewis. Also check out how a ban scenario would play out, by Peter St Onge.

Q: Will Bitcoin use so much electricity it will boil the oceans?
A: No. In fact, the banking system, and the energy to sustain it, far exceeds the mining / validating transaction proof-of-work on the Bitcoin network. Once again, Parker Lewis writes a succinct explanation of this.

Q: Why are the fees so high to transact in Bitcoin?
A: Well, the fees are relative to the security of the network. Bitcoin as a “form of payment” isn’t meant for everyday purchases. For that, we have the Lightning Network – a protocol written for use as a payment layer on top of the Bitcoin protocol. That’s another topic for another day. Check out Andreas’ video and this simplified video.

Q: How is Bitcoin used other than speculation?
A: Bitcoin is a liberating, transformative network for freeing people from the shackles of central banking. Check out this debunking thread from technologist and writer, Yan Pritzker.

Other Bitcoin Guides

Besides this guide you’re currently reading, here’s some other excellent Bitcoin resources to continue your journey.

Parting words of wisdom

“Bitcoin is the response to tyranny and Bitcoin will change the world dramatically more than we can imagine.” –Brett Morrison

Last Modified: 07/26/2021

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