The proud CEO of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons, standing over his Elephant Kill

The proud CEO of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons, standing over his Elephant Kill

Here’s an amazing and horrifying story of what happens when money, power, and ego rule. Bob Parsons, the CEO of GoDaddy decided to spend a small fraction of his considerable wealth to travel to Africa and kill an Elephant. He did it under the guise of “helping” the local farmers. While he may not be a liar, (after all, he is helping them), but really, this is what you want your legacy to be?  With all the wealth, experience, and resources available to him, he could have and should have tried to relocate the Elephants, put up a fence (creating jobs), or deterred them from interfering with human colonized areas some other way.

Instead of CHOOSING to be creative, compassionate, and humane, he CHOSE to simply pull a trigger and end the life of an endangered animal – to satisfy what?  Is it ego, pride, or something else?  He now thinks of himself as a hero!  What inside of Parsons compelled him to take this action?

This is a case of the worst of humanity, a single man going out of his way to destroy something beautiful just because he can.  Imagine if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs did this. They wouldn’t. They know better. Gates heads the largest philanthropic fund on the planet, and works tirelessly to improve our world.  Congratulations, Bob, you’ve earned your “Scummiest CEO of the Year Award“.

Shame on you, Dr. Parsons.  I’m CHOOSING to move my domains from GoDaddy.

  • VM

    How about spending the money on putting up fences? but I guess a video of fences being built isn’t as sensational and satisfying to a blood thirst ego as the murder of an elephant.

  • G

    Shame on Parsons. Murdering such a noble animal is one thing; picturing himself atop the elephant, gun in hand, smirking…prick!

  • William Hancock

    I saw one of those villagers stepping on the sorghum. I suppose that he is fortunate that Bob let him live.

  • H. Wade

    I will move my website too. I refuse to support that slug. I guess I should’ve expected this type of behavior from him and never have invested in his product.

  • bob

    April fools….?

  • TxPanhandle

    Elephants are not endangered. They have been protected so long that their numbers are rising to the point to where they are leaving protected areas and causing havoc in farmers fields because the population where they are at will not support them.
    Selective hunting to thin out the population is what is needed to control them. Plus you can feed an entire village on one elephant.

    • Mark

      you raise some interesting facts, while elephants are no longer in danger it doesn’t mean we can and should start there irradiation again, the other issue being that it feeds the villagers while valid there was no need for Bob to kill the elephant himself and enjoy the morbid fun of it. the villagers hunt themselves for survival, basically bob enjoyed it and now its said in defense that the villagers were being helped out, if bob really wanted to help out the villagers he could have donated or set up something for them, and not just paid a little here and there to get a crew to help him hunt.

  • I’d like to hunt this ceo.

  • Rrm155

    Ok, it is now OFFICALLY open season on this A$$hole………

  • hheine

    absurd. Simply absurd. An elephant is an intelligent animal. This isn´t like sec. XIX… anymore.

  • Toffer99
  • Savis


  • Karan

    Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. – Ayn Rand
    It is an example of how money or power brings out the self.
    I am never booking any domain from godaddy again.

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