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Reflections of 2020

I took this photo of a Snowy Egret over a reflexive lagoon in Santa Barbara this morning, on the last day of 2020. And rather than just post a short caption I thought I would take some time to really reflect.

There’s so much to write – so many perspectives and feelings. I cannot possibly write them all here. I just want to address a few items I often consider.

Let’s start with loss. We’ve all experienced some sort of loss. Whether it was a close family member, a friend, a job, a relationship, an opportunity, or a piece of our mind – it was a loss.  When there’s a loss – there’s a new inspiration.  The energy of that loss can propel us to new places.  Life is temporary. We are all just here, spinning around in space, and one day we will be gone, and everyone that we’ve ever known will be as well.  It’s immutable. It will happen.  You can accept it and welcome it – or you can fight it.  Let’s start by having gratitude for what we do have – breath.

Let’s consider our liberty. Our liberties were certainly tested and pushed this year. What we’ve seen from governments around the world is highly concerning and trending towards tyrannical.  Tyranny starts with a thought from an ego and a desire to control. The rise of Nazi Germany didn’t happen overnight – and yes humans can fail to learn from the past and repeat it again. While they’re patting themselves on the back – we are crying from our hearts.  There is a reason for this – and it starts and ends with money and the government central banks quietly hoping no one will notice. Understand something – the money to pay for all the 2020 stimulus packages, the 9 trillion dollars – was printed out of thin air. This isn’t tax revenue being re-allocated from the Defense Department, the National Parks, or anywhere else. The money is being manufactured by government.  What does that mean?  It means government is negligent in its duties that they were elected and sworn to perform.  There is only ONE senator-elect (Cynthia Lumis) who sees how dangerous this is and understands what I’m talking about and cares enough to use her voice and speak about it.  This means that all of our USD is worth less – and we will see inflation. It will start outside this country where other currencies are valued against the dollar, and then it will hit us here in the U.S..  Watch it.  Mind the signals.  Some countries will see hyperinflation – and once that happens we will unfortunately see great suffering.  I hope I’m wrong about that – because there is a solution.  There is an end to the suffering. There is true freedom that cannot be taken away.  The solution to this problem is Bitcoin.  Bitcoin may just seem as a way to make money to many of you. I am telling you there is much, much, more to Bitcoin than that. Bitcoin is not just an “investment”.  Bitcoin is the response to tyranny and Bitcoin will change the world dramatically more than we can imagine.  (If you’re interested in learning more, PM me and I’ll send you some podcasts and other links to get you started down the rabbit hole).  We are still in the early phases. It is still the beginning. It is not too late.  Mark my words.  This is going to happen. Let’s recognize that the energy of true freedom starts with a B. 😉

Let’s start and end with love.  The world needs more love. That’s not a cliché, it’s a fucking mandate and it needs to happen. Divisions, sides, and opposition have no place outside of sports.  We are one people. We are one species. We are one planet.  Fear is our only enemy.  Love is our solution – and it always has been.  It’s right there for all us.  More kindness and understanding has no downside.  Let’s start doing more loving individually and we will see how the world joins in as a collective.

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