24/7 Hockey

Hockey fan or not, if you’re a sports fan of ANY sport and want to learn about Hockey, this is a must watch. Awesome. Turn up your speakers.

This show is such riveting entertainment.  Liev Schreiber’s voice is, of course, sublime as always.

It’s a rare glimpse inside the locker room of NHL teams.  An unbelievably candid and raw way of learning about the great sport of Hockey.

HBO: 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic

  • Alex Cardenas #19

    Brett, it’s Alex Cardenas. Right on bro! Hey, we played hockey together. Remember the”ice demons” freak neon orange shirtS !!! I think we were on the “badgers ” also. All this in San Francisco. Then you moved cause you got funded. Congrats! I had been looking for you too.
    Am I wrong and not know you?
    Oh by the way 24/7 is my favorite. Made people watch it

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