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Proposed Los Angeles Stadium

This is a major hurdle that AEG just cleared for bringing an NFL team to Los Angeles. Mark my words. It will happen, and it may happen faster than you think. Get ready for the Los Angeles Chargers.

There are pros/cons to having a team in L.A. If the team isn’t a perennial winner, they WON’T fill that stadium. I don’t care if L.A. has a population of 30 million someday. Sure the novelty of the stadium will bring the fans for the first few years, but there’s so much to do in L.A., that if the team doesn’t win consistently, the fans won’t show up.

Looks like a beautiful proposal though, a testament to modern architecture, and a fantastic location.

L.A. city leaders support idea of new downtown NFL stadium


24/7 Hockey

Hockey fan or not, if you’re a sports fan of ANY sport and want to learn about Hockey, this is a must watch. Awesome. Turn up your speakers.

This show is such riveting entertainment.  Liev Schreiber’s voice is, of course, sublime as always.

It’s a rare glimpse inside the locker room of NHL teams.  An unbelievably candid and raw way of learning about the great sport of Hockey.

HBO: 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic

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